Taiden HCS-4100MB-50

Unité centrale disc./vote, 64 canaux

Descriptions détaillées

  • Connectable to HCS-8300 series multichannel audio input or output devices for versatile expansion of the system
  • High system reliability guaranteed by “Closed Loop - Daisy Chain” connection topology
  • Proprietary MCA-STREAM technology used to transmit fully digital audio between main unit(s) and congress units
  • Perfect sound quality on all 64 simultaneous interpretation channels: frequency response 30 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Connection facility for an additional condenser or dynamic microphone, expanding user’s application spectrum
  • Dual connection backup via Cat.5 cable between congress main unit and extension main unit
  • Integrated USB interfaces for system upgrading and saving system parameters. Convenient for system maintenance
  • TCP/IP communication protocol in PC control
  • Remote control, remote diagnosis and remote update
  • Voting facilities without PC intervention
  • Built-in multi-channel intercom facility
  • Plug and play for all units
  • Excellent immunity to RF interference from mobile phones and comparable devices
  • System power controllable by central control system

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